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Pick6, a new fantasy sports experience from DraftKings, one of the biggest daily fantasy sports providers in the United States, has recently launched. This online fantasy sports experience is centered on predicting whether a statistic will be less or greater than the player’s final total.

In addition, DraftKings Sportsbook will shortly launch its new Progressive Parlay function. Pick6 was created in response to the ongoing debate in daily fantasy sports over prop-style games.

DraftKings has Released a Pick6 Game and a Mobile App

Pick6, DraftKings’ latest game, is now available in some areas. This is how it works:

Users create a team of two to six players.
They then decide whether the athlete will have “Less” or “More” for a specific statistic.
Players must be chosen from two or more teams.
Pick6 is now available in South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Tennessee through DraftKings. With the exclusion of Tennessee and Maryland, most states still need access to DraftKings Sportsbook. DraftKings DFS, on the other hand, is available in all of the states mentioned above.

The new DraftKings option is now available for NFL and NBA games, allowing users to select players from both leagues. Whether this game will eventually spread to other sports leagues remains to be seen.

In the official press release, DraftKing’s Chief Product Officer stated, “Pick6 is the next great example of that innovation—a homegrown, interpersonal product that taps into our customers’ desire for fun, simple-to-play experiences tied with their favorite athletes.” “We are excited to give our clients another way to experience live sports by competing against each other.”

As with other DraftKings fantasy versions, DraftKings Pick6 will feature assured rewards in peer-to-peer competitions.

In addition to this new tool, DraftKings has introduced the “My Picks” function. It allows DraftKings users to keep track of their various picks, both those in live games and those that have already been confirmed. Pick6 also offers real-time performance tracking as well as lineup adjustments. Pick6 is now accessible via its desktop website and Android and iOS apps.

DraftKings’ Pick6 is now live in select states! Pick6 is a peer-to-peer, fantasy sports variant with guaranteed prizes based around a simple “more or less” mechanic for individual player statistics. Read the full press release for details: https://t.co/VCq2Q30qQy

— DraftKings News (@DraftKingsNews) December 6, 2023

DraftKings is Getting a Progressive Parlay Feature

In addition to Pick6, DraftKings is gearing up to introduce its new Progressive Parlay option. While Pick6 is focused on the platform’s DFS product, DraftKings Sportsbook Online will receive the new Progressive Parlay feature. Progressive Parlay is a standard parlay bet with a unique twist.

The parlays are limited to placing on player props, and there is a potential to win a portion of the money even if a single or many legs do not hit. Although the press release claims that Progressive Parlay will be available soon, an official release date has yet to be given.

The Yankees World Series odds have shifted from +1300 to +800 today 👀 pic.twitter.com/ZFELPWHbu3

— DraftKings Sportsbook (@DKSportsbook) December 6, 2023

The Drama of Daily Fantasy Sports Continues

Pick6’s release coincides with an exciting period in daily fantasy sports. The state of New York banned prop-style pick ’em games in October, allowing users to predict whether a player would hit over or under a given statistic.

This is due to the parallels between these forms of gambling and traditional prop betting. The primary distinction is that, unlike daily fantasy sports tournaments, prop wagering necessitates the acquisition of a sports betting license.

Daily fantasy sports contests will remain legal, and prop betting will be available through New York online sportsbooks. After a few weeks, Michigan also decided to outlaw prop pick ’em games.

Author: Sean Washington