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The PointsBet gift card combines ease and security to provide users with an industry-leading way to fund their accounts.

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PointsBet is a famous Australian sports betting company with an innovative PointsBetting system that can result in big winnings. To fund betting on this sportsbook, they have included a variety of payment options on their online platform. We will be looking at any available gift card alternatives, including how to use it and where you can purchase a PointsBet gift card.

These payment methods are paired with a wonderfully low deposit limit of $5, and you will have the benefit of instant processing times when utilizing gift cards labeled by major financial services firms. 

You will not have the option of a physical card like the BetMGM gift card. Still, you will be able to use their particular Mastercard to deposit and withdraw from your sportsbook account with ease! Is the investment worthwhile? So, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Bet $50, Get an Official Jersey

Where Can I Get a PointsBet Gift Card?

There is no dedicated PointsBet gift card at this time. However, PointsBet accepts a range of gift cards associated with various payment methods. For example, numerous gift cards are particular to Visa and Mastercard, the world’s two most famous digital payment providers. You can use these to deposit funds and redeem the PointsBet promo code on the sportsbook site.

Visa gift cards can be purchased at local outlet retailers such as Best Buy or Target. Go to the counter, locate the rack, and select your quantity.

If you want to do it online, look for a reputable retailer’s online page or go to giftcards.com. You will be able to personalize your options and top up with your own money. You can also send it to the receiver or spend it on your sportsbook account.

PointsBet also accepts standard cards, eWallets, internet banking, prepaid cards, and other payment methods.

Bet $50, Get an Official Jersey

How to Make Use of a PointsBet Gift Card

You must complete a few procedures after purchasing or receiving a gift card before it can be used to fund your PointsBet account. Let us go over the steps for a standard Mastercard gift card and then the PointsBet Mastercard.

Gift cards from Visa and Mastercard

The method for ordinary gift cards will differ depending on whether the card is physical or digital. Remove the cardboard covering to find all the card details for the payment on real cards. When you are ready, navigate to the PointsBet account section and complete the following steps:

Select ‘Deposit’ from the account dropdown menu, followed by the payment choice for your gift card. If you have received or purchased a Mastercard gift card, go to the Mastercard area, as illustrated below.
Enter the card information as you would a conventional debit or credit card. Before inserting the card, double-check the expiration date and security code.
You may now enter the amount you want to deposit. We recommend spending the entire value of the gift card to avoid any relevant fees by making a single payment.
Finally, click ‘Deposit,’ your money should be in your online betting account.

The deposit process for digital prepaid cards will be the same as for physical cards, with the only difference being that all of the details will be displayed on the digital copy, which will still be used as a standard bank card.

Your PointsBet Membership Card

The PointsBet Mastercard will function similarly to a traditional bank account. It can be filled up like a prepaid gift card using the EML payment platform, and you will be able to transact with any monies accessible at the online sportsbook just like a conventional debit card. Cash deposited to the card can also be utilized on your sportsbook account, eliminating the need to wait for processing.

In essence, it is a Play+ card for online betting that has been branded for PointsBet use. Such systems aid in the avoidance of rejected gambling transactions.

Gift Card Wagering Rules

Because these prepaid cards can be used to fund online gambling, they will always be subject to some type of regulation. These restrictions differ by state, but they all pertain to responsible gaming. 

Most online sportsbooks will scrutinize your deposits from time to time and limit the amount you deposit. PointsBet will only apply this rule if you have placed a deposit limit on your account; this is typically done to promote responsible gambling.

Because the restrictions may alter while you are visiting another state, we strongly advise you to contact PointsBet’s customer support staff to confirm that you are eligible to make gift card deposits.

Bet $50, Get an Official Jersey

The Best Method to Put a Gift Card to Use

Whether you are simply filling up your account or you have recently got a prepaid Visa card, you will need to follow some best practices to make the most of the opportunity.

Make a note of the expiration date.
Make your deposit on time.
Get a welcome bonus.

The best approach to use a prepaid card, as suggested in the previous suggestion, is with a welcome bonus. PointsBet provides 5 x $50 Second Chance bets, which are insignificant in comparison to a prepaid gift card deposit. You may utilize the funds for your first few bets, but a matched deposit bonus would simply double your money without requiring you first to lose a bet.

We strongly advise you to research these offers since you may come across an operator that prohibits the usage of gift cards in the bonus terms and conditions.

Author: Sean Washington