Tips On How To Use and Where To Buy

DraftKings gift cards are a line of self-branded prepaid gift cards that gamblers may use to securely and rapidly finance their sports betting, daily fantasy, and casino accounts.

DraftKings Sportsbook gift cards offer bettors with cash on hand the benefits of privacy and simplicity because they do not require consumers to divulge their private banking information. Instead, gamblers may buy DraftKings gift cards in locations around the country and redeem them online for near-instant deposits.

How to Use DraftKings Gift Cards

How to Use DraftKings Gift Cards

DraftKings gift cards function similarly to generic prepaid gift cards but have a 100% success rate after purchase. In contrast, generic gift cards, like those provided by Visa, do not always work when used at DraftKings online.

In comparison, buying and using DraftKings gift cards is simple, and customers do not have to deal with failed deposits.

Begin by going to the nearest retailer’s gift card rack (more on locations below), choosing a DraftKings Sportsbook gift card in $ 25 or $ 50 increments, and paying for it at the register as you would with any other transaction.

After purchasing (or receiving) a gift card, customers can sign in to the DraftKings Sportsbook app or its website, select a deposit amount of $25 or $50, and select the gift card option. The final step is to enter the Draft Kings gift card number, expiration date, and CVV found on the back of the card.

Where Can I Purchase DraftKings Gift Cards?

DraftKings gift cards can be purchased at various retail locations, including Walmart, Albertsons, CVS, Dollar General, 7-Eleven, and Sheetz.

Bettors can identify the nearest merchant by visiting the “DraftKings gift card near me” page on the official website, but readers should be aware that the list is not exhaustive. DraftKings Sports gift cards have been seen for sale at Lowes, while our editors have observed them at Kroger supermarket shops. In our experience, any business with a decent gift card rack is an excellent spot to look for DraftKings gift cards.

Is it Possible to Purchase DraftKings Gift Cards Online?

Digital DraftKings gift cards are no longer available. When DraftKings gift cards originally became available, bettors could purchase electronic versions from PC Game Supply and have them delivered via e-mail. Following receipt of the confirmation e-mail, gamblers could instantly use the DraftKings gift card online – all without having to visit a merchant in person.

Users could also buy DraftKings gift cards online and pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum, marking the first time they could fund their accounts with cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, PC Game Supply no longer sells DraftKings gift cards, and they can no longer be purchased online. The demise of DraftKings’ digital gift cards also marked the end of the only way for bettors to convert cryptocurrency into wagerable dollars at DraftKings.

DraftKings’ management has stated they would like to accept Bitcoin deposits, but development has been delayed due to state rules and federal KYC laws. Numerous states have allowed online sports betting with legislation that expressly allows Bitcoin deposits, so all hope is not lost.

Author: Sean Washington